Windows vs. Linux and why should you care?

Linux is a proven healthcare operating system that doesn’t experience the virus pitfalls and support expirations associated with Windows. GE OEC can have any operating system it wants but chooses Linux HELiOS (Healthcare Enterprise Linux Operating System) for its stability and longevity.

Many governments around the world have turned to Linux as an affordable alternative to expensive, proprietary computer products from Microsoft, Apple, and other commercial companies. The cost factor is not the only one being considered though. Many U.S. governmental institutions in public and military sectors made the transition to Linux due to its superior stability and openness of the source code, which in turn leverages its information security.

Linux is used extensively on servers in businesses and has been for a long time. Linux is also used in some corporate environments as the desktop platform for their employees.

Bill DaughtreyWindows vs. Linux and why should you care?