3D Mobile C-arms

The OEC One all-in-one mobile C-arm brings you a Clear View of the images you demand: where, when and how you need them.

Certified Pre-Owned 9900 and 9800

We are focused on providing our customers with refurbished OEC 9800 Plus and OEC 9900 Elite C-Arms that have been returned to the same functional and performance standards as our new equipment at an affordable price.

Miniview Mini C-arm

GE observed the daily experiences of extremity surgeons and identified ways to help improve your workflow, comfort, and control with a simplified mini C-arm design.

The OEC Elite MiniView can improve your mini C-arm experience by allowing you to:

Manage your mini C-arm single-handedly with speed and ease
See detailed and full-sized dual images without straining
Optimize image quality and dose
Count on your mini C-arm’s reliability to support higher productivity

OEC Elite MiniView

The OEC Elite MiniView is changing the mini C-arm experience.

IDI ilex32

IDI’s ilex32 is a portable HD image display for when you just need a bigger monitor. It’s designed for use as a large table side monitor while combining practical features with easy use.

IDI Monitor Cart

IDI’s Monitor Cart is a portable HD image display that is ideal for use with the OEC One and OEC One CFD C-arms.


The OEC One CFD compact mobile C-arm with CMOS flat panel detector (CFD) delivers a Clear View of anatomy across procedural settings in a synchronized, all-in-one workflow.


The OEC Elite CFD offers stunning image clarity and detail at low dose with enhancements for an easy and efficient experience.

OEC Elite

The OEC Elite C-arm offers renowned image quality with the enhanced ease and efficiency you need for your surgical demands.