When you see the most delicate guide wires during vascular procedures with OEC Elite CFD, you’ll see more than your patient’s anatomy with clarity: you’ll see the future of mobile surgical imaging with a True view. A future where your team’s performance can be smarter and more efficient, and your facility’s productivity can increase with better throughput and uptime.

IDI ilex55

Discover IDI’s ilex55, the first mobile large field 4K UHD display with built in integration, creating a state-of-the-art display solution for vascular, GI, and neurosurgery.


The OEC One CFD compact mobile C-arm with CMOS flat panel detector (CFD) delivers a Clear View of anatomy across procedural settings in a synchronized, all-in-one workflow.

Office Based Endovascular Lab
OEC Elite

The OEC Elite C-arm offers renowned image quality with the enhanced ease and efficiency you need for your surgical demands.


The OEC Elite CFD offers stunning image clarity and detail at low dose with enhancements for an easy and efficient experience.