Video Display Solutions

CV Medical NuBOOM ‘S’

CV Medical’s NuBOOM ‘S’ is the most affordable fixed video tower system to transform operating rooms in ambulatory surgery centers, office-based surgery centers, and hospital procedure rooms.

CV Medical NuCART

Sometimes, it’s just easier to have things on wheels! CV Medical’s NuCART replaces old-fashioned, bulky video towers that have limited reach and is a more cost effective solution than suspending equipment and displays from ceiling booms.

CV Medical NuBOOM Ultra

Installed in just two days, CV Medical’s NuBOOM Ultra can vastly improve your working conditions and provide you with a flexible OR that can be scheduled for a wider range of cases.


IDI’s MDS provides advanced video integration for multi-modality image visualization in urology, GI, and vascular surgery. The MDS can be combined with a mobile C-arm and table for a completely portable surgery suite, maximizing scheduling options for your limited OR space.

IDI ilex55

Discover IDI’s ilex55, the first mobile large field 4K UHD display with built in integration, creating a state-of-the-art display solution for vascular, GI, and neurosurgery.

IDI ilex32

IDI’s ilex32 is a portable HD image display for when you just need a bigger monitor. It’s designed for use as a large table side monitor while combining practical features with easy use.

IDI Monitor Cart

IDI’s Monitor Cart is a portable HD image display that is ideal for use with the OEC One and OEC One CFD C-arms.