Many healthcare facilities will designate the useful life of a new c-arm between 6-8 years. The real question for many facilities is making the distinction between buying a piece of equipment versus owning a piece of equipment. Some buyers will typically look at the upfront costs while owners will look at the long term cost of ownership and support. What are the costs of downtime (financial and upset physicians?) What is the system worth when it is time to trade it in on another purchase? How many times have we needed service support and at what accumulative cost? What is the cost of operators not knowing how to use the system for complex surgeries?

Value Added Features:

With advanced technology, intelligent workflow, and dose control, the OEC Elite CFD is the future of mobile surgical imaging. Choose between three C-arm models: Ergo-C, Super-C, and Super-C Motorized to complement your surgical needs.

This system is ideally suited for a range of surgical needs including vascular, cardiac, orthopedics, gastrointestinal, endoscopic, urologic, critical care, pain management and emergency procedures.


See What You Need to See

CFD CMOS Flat Detector—a more efficient panel that delivers better image quality at low dose.
True continuous fluoroscopy allows you to view more detail—no stutter, visual lag, or ghosting
Largest Field of View (FOV)*—see 20% more anatomy during your procedures
Ease and Efficiency

Efficient image capture with SmartView – 180/180 pivot joint on Ergo C-arm model
Easy C-arm positioning with improved maneuverability and light workstation**
Simplified user interface with less clicks and active icons
Imaging Control

Enhanced imaging control and planning with Live Zoom, Digital Pen, measurements and annotations
Multiple imaging profiles for clinical preference: General, General HD, Bolus Chase, Vascular, Cardiac, Orthopedic, and Spine
Six dose control options that can be used alone or in various combinations: Digital Spot, Digital Cine Pulse, High Level Fluoroscopy, Standard Fluoroscopy, Low Dose, Pulse

*Compared to monoblock C-arms
**Compared to 9900

Nationally Dedicated Clinical and Service Teams

With the largest exclusive clinical imaging team in the market, our specialists are all registered radiographers with an average of 18 years of radiology experience. This team of 75 plus dedicated technologists specializes in imaging for the operating room and associated fluoroscopy applications.

Our 200 plus service engineers live and work in your community to provide world-class service while ensuring uncompromised patient safety. It is our commitment to you for quality, compliant, peace of mind. These dedicated technical experts strive to fix your system right the first time. They aim for fast response and only utilize certified parts, qualified for product safety. These experts guarantee that every service record is reviewed by clinical and technical experts to deliver consistent quality products.

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