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    IDI’s Mobile Display System (MDS) provides advanced video integration for multi-modality image visualization in urology, GI, and vascular surgery. The MDS can be combined with a mobile C-arm and table for a completely portable surgery suite, maximizing scheduling options for your limited OR space. It offers a perfect alternative solution for small rooms, low ceiling heights, or budget restrictions that make fixed systems impractical.

    Dual-Arm Mobile Display Stand

    • Dual articulating arms with positioning handles and low-force manual motion for easy video monitor positioning
    • Fully counterbalanced manual height adjustment offering up to 36” of vertical travel as well as 81” of horizontal extension of the articulating monitor arms with manual pivot and rotation of monitors
    • Stand includes three shelves for placement of ancillary equipment such as cameras, light sources, printers, and more

    Dual 26” High Definition or 27″ 4K Ultra High Definition Video Monitors

    • Display over-the-table images in wide-screen, picture-in-picture, or split screen modes
    • Two protective covers for monitors

    Dual 8” Preview Reference Monitors

    • Mounted to the center column above the top shelf for easy visualization of video routing while operating the video router touchscreen control
    • Serve as visual reference for the left and right 26″ monitors mounted to the MDS articulating arms

    Video Router with Touchscreen User Interface

    • Intuitive touchscreen tablet video routing allows any input to be routed to either monitor and any two inputs to be displayed on a single monitor in picture-in-picture or split screen format
    • User-specific settings can be saved and recalled for easy procedural set up or customized to meet a specific need

    Input Image from any Video Source

    • Accepts analog and digital signals from multiple sources including ultrasound, hemodynamics, microscopes, cameras, image guidance, PACS, and all image intensifier and flat detector fluoroscopic technologies
    • System can be reconfigured if your technology changes, making it easier and less costly to upgrade

    Portable Image Suite

    • Combine the MDS with your C-arm and mobile table for a completely portable suite for urology, vascular, GI, or other applications
    • Lockable double-wheeled 6” casters with cable pushers
    • Front and rear ergonomic handles for easy transport and positioning

    Maximize Space

    • Perfect alternative solution for small rooms, low ceiling heights, or budget restrictions that make fixed systems impractical
    • Mobility and positioning versatility allow convenient layout of the OR for virtually any procedure
    • Reduces ceiling mount conflicts between the lights, monitor arms, and equipment booms while still presenting clinical images in a superior location and viewing angle
    • Fixed room configurations may tie surgeons to specific rooms and limit scheduling options for OR management. The MDS adapts to the room or procedure at hand and can be configured to be a multi-functional clinical procedure cart.

    Lower Cost

    • Requires no time-consuming site planning or construction expense
    • Substantially lower acquisition cost than fixed room solutions
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