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IDI Aspect ISR G3

    IDI’s Aspect ISR G3 is the flagship of the Aspect Series table line and is designed to be the premium-based imaging table solution for endovascular or other interventional procedures. The mobile imaging table has motorized elevation, Trendelenburg tilt, manual 4-way tabletop float, and true iso-centric lateral roll so that anatomy on the iso axis remains centered in the fluoroscopic field of view.

    The ISR G3 provides longitudinal tabletop float of 32″ in a very compact platform, enabling comprehensive coverage throughout the anatomical imaging area without C-arm movement and does so in a table with an ideal overall length of only 84″.

    Table movement:

    • Motorized elevation: 33” – 45”
    • Motorized Trendelenburg tilt: ±12° with automatic “stop-at-level” positioning
    • Motorized patented iso-centric lateral roll: ±12°
    • Manual longitudinal movement: 32″ with automatic locking of longitudinal float when table is not level
    • Manual transverse movement: 8”


    • 4-way manual floating tabletop with panning hand control
    • Cantilevered, carbon fiber tabletop with low x-ray attenuation
    • Tabletop size: 19.5”/22”/24” x 84”

    • Imaging area without headrest: 68”
    • Imaging area with headrest: 80”
    • Dual-wheel caster system with simple central locking system for easy transport and positioning
    • Patient weight capacity: 600 lbs.
    • 120 VAC or 230 VAC operation
    • Battery back-up operation


    • 3 years parts, 1 year labor

    Accessories included:

    • Pendant hand control
    • Rail-mounted panning hand control
    • Tabletop pad, 2”
    • Patient restraint straps
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